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Webinar Walks Through Benefits of Using Solid Bar Lubricants in Rotary Kilns, Dryers and Calciners

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Patrick Loe and Clay Lockett walk you through the benefits of using premium solid bar lubrication to protect critical components in rotary kilns, dryers and calciners. This information is of interest to anyone concerned with lubrication, reliability, safety and housekeeping in a variety of industries including cement, lime, pulp & paper, waste processing, mining & phosphate, petroleum & asphalt, minerals, chemical, food & beverage, gypsum, clay & kaolin, iron ore & aluminum.


Key Takeaways

How solid bar lubrication works
How to apply solid bar lubricants
Benefits of using solid bar lubricants vs. other types of kiln tire lubrication


Date & Time

Tuesday, Dec. 6

11 am-12 pm ET 

(10-11 am CT)


Your Presenters

Clay Lockett

CEO, Easy Bar


Patrick Loe

Technical Services Engineer, Lubrication Engineers

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